It's Okay to be Single

I’ve struggled with letting go of relationships that weren’t good for me. I’ve let men control me and emotionally destroy me. I’ve stayed in toxic relationships because my self-esteem was damaged and I was terrified of being single. There’s a stigma attached to being single; people assume you’re pathetic and lonely, that you’re undesirable. And honestly, I’m over it. After being in countless toxic relationships and some soul searching, I’m now single and I’m totally okay with it. Because guess what? It’s okay to be single.

Being single has allowed me to reconnect with myself and figure out who I am. It’s allowed me to be comfortable with my own company. It’s allowed me to go on spontaneous solo trips. It’s allowed me to play the field and figure out what I really want in a partner/relationship.

I’ve fallen in love with my own life. I’ve learned to love myself, my self-worth doesn’t depend on anyone else. I’ve learned that happiness starts from within, you can’t depend on anyone else to make you happy.

I’ve been through hell and back with relationships, but I’m still standing strong. I’m proud of myself for shining on my own, for crushing goals on my own, and for being my own cheerleader.

So, here are my final thoughts…

Being single definitely doesn’t mean you’re pathetic, lonely, or undesirable. Screw social norms.

It’s way better to be single than to be with someone who doesn’t appreciate you. It’s better to be happy on your own than miserable with someone else.

Be single — be single until you find someone who wholeheartedly supports and respects you. Someone who is proud of you. Someone who is genuinely excited to spend time with you.

Anything less than that is total bullshit and you know it.

By: @deliaxeno

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