Read This When You Feel Like You've Fucked Up

This isn’t a pep talk; it’s a reality check.

You never intended to fuck up but you can’t deny that you still did.

You. Fucked. Up.

However, some congratulations are in order – fucking up means you’re human!

A human with flaws, weaknesses, and limitations; and that’s okay, actually it’s more than okay. That feeling inside you right now is there to help you move forward – a neurochemical reaction telling you to course correct.

It isn’t about excusing your own behaviours, but rather about owning them in their entirety and doing something proactive about it. People remember how you acted after the fuck-up more than the actual fuck-up itself.

In fact, Fuck-ups can offer one-off opportunities to present yourself differently – to be humble and vulnerable, to take a real stocktake of where you are and how you got there, or to change and mend.

Fuck-ups are always going to happen eventually. You’ll never be perfect because perfect doesn’t exist; only its appearance does and eventually that too will crack.

Fuck-ups still suck but they don’t define you, remember that you define you.

By @life_of_design

#mentalillness #mentalhealth #fuckedup #natanamayer #itsokay #lifeofdesign #vulnerable

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