Is It Okay That I Woke Up Like This?

In an age of quick beauty it's hard to know what's real.

Social Media was the first stop of illusions. We quickly learned it was mostly filters and Photoshop. But now, even walking down the street or going to a party, you might think a woman standing across from you is flawless. Secret is, she has a strict skincare routine, gets regular facials, has had collagen fillers, liquid Lipo, and a nose job.

Plastic surgery used to be taboo but now that most of it is non invasive and quick is it okay?When should we love ourselves as we are? When should we love ourselves enough to try new things or get the procedure we've always wanted?

I don't have the answers but I'm on the side of letting everyone choose their path.... as long as they're honest about it. Some procedures, like micro-blading, are no different than wearing makeup in appearance. The difference is you don't have to wake up and make up yourself. You just wake up the way you want to look!

You should do whatever it takes to make you feel good.

I personally have botox, micro-bladed eyebrows, and lash liner. I love waking up and looking exactly the way I want to and being able to go about my day. When people compliment my brows I tell them right away that I got them done. Half the time, the complementer sighs with relief and reveals they were trying to figure out how they could be real and so perfect.

I've always appreciated when someone disclosed to me their perfect skin was from botox. As women we should be sharing our secrets and helping each other rise!

I think this issue gets into the trouble zone when people hide it and act like they look like that naturally. It puts up unnecessary standards that women can't meet. I'm very open about what I've done and I encourage people to research and look into things on their own to see if it's a right fit for them. But also if they don't want to do that then that's totally fine. There are some things that I don't ever see myself doing but don't judge other women for. To each her own!

Here's to waking up just the way you want to!

By @girlmeetslex

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