On the Bond Between Women

It’s something about the

“Me too”.

Something in the way that

We roll our eyes at the same

Old oppressions,

An encouragement nonetheless.

It’s something about the

Notes left on change-room mirrors

The knowing glances

The smiles felt when you

See the swish of a ponytail in a

Room full of dress shoes and

Suit jackets.

There’s something in the

Way we can be instantly understood

In the way #BabesWhoBrunch and

#IBelieveInUs become

One and the same.

There’s some kind of spark.

Some invisible thread that

Always connects us and

Reminds us that we aren’t alone.

There’s something about the

People who remind you

That we need to

Demand what we deserve and

That we do have voices in a world

That tries to keep us silent.

There’s something in the way that

Grade 8 makeovers and

Sleepovers and

Friendship bracelets become

Our war paint and

Battle cries and

Signs of solidarity.

There’s something in that

Friendship. In that


By @ally_geist

#alexandrageist #allygeist #poem #metoo #bond #women #hashtags #poetry #art #allygeist

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