I wonder if she was

Born with it –

That je ne sais quoi that


Perhaps she won it

Fighting a battle she was

Told she would lose.

Maybe she found it

Hidden amongst old buttons

And papier-mâché dioramas of

Charlotte’s Web and

Bridge to Terabithia.

Maybe she swam all the

World’s oceans and walked

All the night through

On a fruitless search.

Perhaps she heard it

Thumping away,

Tapping on her soul as she

Brushed her hair in the morning,

In the drops of water hitting the

Bathtub while taking her

Morning shower.

In the violin strings during

Music class.

Perhaps she felt it in a whisper or

Sang it in a song or

Heard it ringing in the church bells

That were calling her home.

Nevertheless, she persisted

And won her own heart.

By @Ally_Geist

#allygeist #poetry #poem #writer #allygeist #selfcare #love #findingyourself #selfdiscovery

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