Why I Love Myself Enough to Leave

It’s hard to accept.

It’s hard to accept that people leave.

It’s hard to accept that maybe, just maybe,

I am the one who needs to leave sometimes,

For my own good.

I don’t have any more energy to waste on drama and people who suck the joy out of me

I have boundaries

If you don’t respect them, goodbye

It’s okay to say “hey my mental health is not stable right now” or “I’m struggling”, “I’m being

bitchy and I apologize”, “I need support”, “I’m going through a rough time”

If they decide to leave, believe me, it’s a good thing.

You don’t get to stay for my good days if you can’t handle my hard times

And if they don’t talk to you for awhile when you need it most

They’re not worth to keep around

You deserve someone who check-up on you but still let you breathe. Someone who doesn’t

treat you like you’re gonna break any minute. Because you know what? You are a fucking

warrior queen/king. It’s okay to feel lost, to be hurting, to cry. But eventually, you have to get

up. It’s hard and you have to show up for yourself, to dig deep where it hurts. But do not

expect yourself to fall apart. Because hun, that’s how it works. You attract what you think.

Let me explain. Your thoughts influence your feelings, your feelings dicts your behaviors.

Your behaviors transform into habits and habits become a lifestyle. That lifestyle is your

LIFE. So now let me ask you. What do you want your life to look like? What do you want to

be like in a year, five and ten? How do you want to live (happy, confident, abundant)? What

is your biggest dream? Write it down. Just like you are there, as if it is happening right now.

Feel it. Imagine it in every details. What did you do to get there?

We don’t need a big ass plan, we just need one simple goal. Take the first step, even if it’s


For me, right now, it’s leaving people behind. People who are not helping me become who I

want to be.


I’m not easy. I overreact, get mad and I’m impulsive…

Who is easy anyway?

We all have our issues, our problems and our so-not- good-side

Don’t make me feel like I am not normal or I can’t do this

I deserve better

I deserve support and understanding

I deserve love

Even from me


the friend who left because you forgot to show up

By @braveandhopeful

#camillerichard #love #selfcare #selflove #leaving #toxic #people #checkup #planning #braveandhopeful #friends

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