I Am Not a #Girlboss

Thanks to Nasty Gal’s Sophia Amoruso, the term Girlboss has become widespread. Credit is being given where it is due to the hard working women around the world. Women with passions and callings that can’t be ignored.

Girlbosses are generally kickass women who have poured themselves into their projects. They work around the clock and are redefining success for women.

It’s inspiring and it’s important.

It’s also not necessarily what I want for myself.

I’m proud and grateful to have known so many inspiring women. I’ve followed their journeys and marvelled their successes. I’m proud of them. But the more proud of them I became, the less proud I became of myself.

It’s no secret that women are pit against each other. We know this and we try to combat it. But it is still there. I never disliked any of these women, only myself. Why couldn’t I accomplish what they were?

It took a long time, but I finally realized that it’s okay that I don’t have what they have. Nor do I want it.

I’ve never wanted to be an entrepreneur and I’m not that interested in being my own boss. I’m happiest being someone’s right hand woman and indulging in non-fiction in my spare time.

I can support and love other people’s work without devaluing my own. Maybe loving yourself and staying true to your wants and needs is the real meaning of being a girlboss.

Lift up and encourage the people around you. Be proud of their accomplishments without lessening the value of your own.

By @kateleannemoore

#katemoore #girlboss #inspiring #entrepreneur #hardword #itsokay #support #nastygal #sophiaamoruso #girlbosses #women

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