Unexpected Changes

I’m in my early 20s and lately I have been experiencing changes in my body that I was

not prepared for.

Last year I gained a significant amount of body weight. None of my clothes fit anymore,

muscle pain worsened during my period and I was breaking out all over my face.

Haven’t I already been through this?

Although no one can be fully prepared for puberty, at least we are forewarned. The

changes through our 20s, however, are unexpected.

I didn’t understand how I could have gained all this weight in a span of a couple months.

Naturally, I started looking through articles and threads online. I came across a term

called 2 nd puberty. That’s right, another round.

I was upset, mainly frustrated and confused, for the next couple of days. Okay fine,

weeks. Why had no one mentioned this to me before?

I am not trying to alarm you and this is not supposed to be a horror story. It’s possible to

have varying degrees of changes in your body. It can be across different points in time.

It’s not limited to physical features either. There can be changes in eating and sleeping


We’re all different. Our bodies are always changing and adjusting even throughout our

adult years.

But what can YOU do about it?

Talk to a friend, a family member, even your doctor! Talk to whoever you feel

comfortable sharing it with. As it turns out, one of my friends had gone through a similar

situation just a couple months before me.

The most important thing I learned through these changes is to keep a strong self-

image. Body image is something we constantly struggle with, across different ages and

circumstances. Try to be open and embrace the new.

It was difficult, it is difficult and it will continue to be difficult. It was for me; it is for


We’re allowed to have days where we can’t stop thinking about that pimple on our

forehead, or can’t find a single flattering outfit in our closet. Don’t dwell on it. Focus on

the good, the unique, and celebrate it.

If there is something that is truly bothering you, make a change. If an outfit makes you

feel anything less than fabulous, choose a different one. Feel good, starting from the


I mean, I can no longer fit in my old jeans but I don’t have a single legitimate reason

why that’s a bad thing. Ironically, this added chubbiness has done wonders for

accentuating my bone structure.

No one said the journey through adulthood was a smooth one. Be kind to yourself and

be accepting of the change.

By Jasman Sahota

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