Be Better 2018!

Happy 2018! I’m not a big resolutions fan because of the stigma around it. I think we need to clean it up, shake it off, give it a new coat of paint, and start over. I’m not sure when but at some point everyone came to the agreement that resolutions were wishes we make at the end of an year. We hope, wish, and pray they’ll come true and then feel disappointed and accept defeat when they don’t.

It’s up to YOU

The truth is though that resolutions and intentions are not wishes we’re making on a falling star, candles we blew out, lottery tickets, or rubs on a magic lamp. They aren’t out of our control. They are very much in your control.


This year, I am deciding to focus on what is important to me. Mindset is so powerful and I really believe by thinking about goals from this perspective I am much more receptive. Every week I focus on reading, relaxing, stretching, exercise, nutrition, finances, skin care, and keeping my space tidy. By focusing on the things that are most important to

me I feel like I am getting more out of my time and life. Instead of restricting myself.

Face Your Fears

I’m not saying I’m perfect. It took me a week to “get in the mood” to write this. I think sometimes when we really want something we can be too scared to go for it. So instead we come up with excuses for not doing it. Constantly thinking "if I don't try, I won't fail." It’s perfect logic. But that doesn’t mean it’s healthy or productive.

Moving On

When I feel stuck I do two things. The first is take a break and focus on something else. The second is to come back to it with a different perspective. Take exercise for example. Some days I am just not feeling it, I’m sore, way too busy, or insert any other excuse. I don’t beat myself up. I take a break that day but I make sure I read, clean, or stretch in place so I’m still staying true to my focuses. Then the next day, I’m either super ready to get to the gym or I make myself take a new or different class to switch things up.

Your Turn

Have you made resolutions or intentions? How do you feel about turning them into areas to focus on? Make a list of 4 things to focus on this year. Write them on a piece of paper and stick it on your fridge so you see it every day. I have my list on a note in my phone and on a letter board in my living room. Since these are things you are focused on make sure to keep them front and centre so you don’t lose sight of your goals.

Use #BeBetter2018 when you post about your focuses! I want to see what everyone comes up with. Let’s all support each other in the new year and beyond!

By @girlmeetslex /

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