10 Small Things to Add to Your Self Care Routine

With the busy-ness that come with every day life, we often forget to take time to care for ourselves, specifically insuring we are in good mental health. Some believe that adding a self-care routine can be difficult and intimidating, but there are many small things that anyone can add to their daily routines to help reduce stress and increase overall happiness and productivity.

1. Unplug.

In our society, we are continuously plugged in to social media, getting updates on what everyone is doing at any given moment and that can take a toll on anyone’s well being. Take the time to disconnect from electronics and allow yourself time to reflect on your own thoughts.

2. Stay Hydrated.

Drink lots and lots of water. Water can give you energy, help reduce acne, help cleanse, and boost overall happiness. There is nothing drinking water can’t fix!

3. Eat Healthy.

Start paying attention to what you are putting in your body. Nutrients from healthy food will make you feel stronger and happier than eating junk all the time.

4. Write It Down.

Whether you are feeling happy, anxious, gracious, sad, or indifferent, write it down. Journalling about what you are feeling is a great way to stay in the moment. Reflecting about how you feel also allows you to be more self-aware and can help reduce overall anxiety.

5. Exercise.

Exercising does not have to be as large of a task as you might believe. Exercising can range from arm and leg stretches, some squats, to a full jog. It all depends on whatever you and your body are capable of in that moment to get your blood pumping. This will help you feel energized and release some endorphins to increase your overall mood!

6. Go Outside.

Staying inside can start to make you feel stuck. Go out, get some fresh air, soak in some sun rays and walk around a little.

7. Take a Shower.

As simple as it seems, some times people don’t realize how refreshing a quick shower could be. Proper hygiene is important for everyone’s self-care routine and also gives you some time to regroup and reflect.

8. Wash Your Face.

If you don’t have time to shower, take 5 minutes to wash your face. It will help you feel refreshed and energized, and the overall benefits of helping reduce acne is an added bonus.

9. Get Some Sleep.

Not only should you allot enough time to get a good night’s rest, you should also try to put yourself in a suitable environment. Look for things that help you sleep, whether it be a certain scent, changing your sheets, or just closing your blinds. Getting enough sleep will help you conquer what the next day brings your way.

10. Be Kind.

Learn to accept all parts of yourself. Take time out of your day to be kind to yourself and remind yourself that you are beautiful, smart, and unique.

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