"This is it!" -Michael Jackson

What better way than to start off a company with a cheesy pun!

“This is it.” – Michael Jackson

“This is us.” – Us.

So…who are we?

Taylor and Christina met in a Teams, Leadership and Professional Behaviour course at the University of Guelph by being placed in a group together. We are both psychology majors so we instantly clicked. Instantly, we started to shoot ideas for starting this company. Each of us are extremely passionate about ending societal stigmas, and we can’t wait to start this journey with everyone.


Taylor Landry (@taylorleelandry)

Hey, I’m Taylor! I am enthusiastic about feminism, sexual and mental health. When not advocating for self-love, I enjoy photography, animals, and cooking. I am also new to the community, but am so excited to be working with two amazing girls to help stand against stigma.

Christina Paul (@christinaapaaul)

I’m Christina, and I have been a part of the mental health community since May 2017. I am passionate about mental health awareness, feminism, and body positivity, and I’m really excited to be able to grow Ethereal & Co. into a community discussing each of these. I’m an extroverted introvert (lol), and I love going on new adventures and eat my body weight in chicken wings at least 3 times a week (sorry vegans, I can’t help it!!).

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