What is the Guelph Youth Program?

The program is comprised of weekly 2 hour meetings, designed to educate and empower teen girls, as well as provide connection and community in small groups of young women.


Each session will consist of information on the day's theme taught by a group facilitator, a discussion period, and opportunities for members to get to know each other and share their experiences. Facilitators also check-in with group members and provide support as needed.

The year is split into 3 four month terms (15 meetings each, with breaks around holidays and between terms): Fall (Sept-Dec), Winter (Jan-April), and Summer (May-Aug), and each term will generally be themed on one aspect of self-development:

  • Fall: Self-Care (eg. mental health, types of self-care and stress, emotions, managing relationships)

  • Winter: Self-Growth (eg. learning about yourself, intersectional feminism, managing school and jobs, social media)

  • Summer: Self-Empowerment (eg. leadership, getting involved in your community, starting clubs and organizations) 


The program works best as a year-long experience beginning in the fall, because the winter and summer topics build on knowledge gained in the previous term(s), however you can begin the program at anytime (all aspects will be touched upon in all terms).


Topics like feminism, mental health, sexual and physical health, inclusivity and diversity, social justice issues, and life skills will be integrated into all themes in the program and will be continuously discussed throughout the terms.

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